The 7 Best Blog Posts On Gratitude

The 7 Best Blog Posts On Gratitude

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You have so much to be grateful for! How many times have you said this to someone or had someone say this to you? Gratitude, fortunately, has become as commonplace as a reminder to tune into positivity, yet, it does somehow still take a back seat to our daily life stresses. That is likely because gratitude flourishes or diminishes based on our desire to train ourselves to be appreciative. Being thankful is not always experienced as a natural state of existence, we must work at it, akin to a type of strength training for the heart. Practicing gratitude can strengthen our immune system, help us feel less lonely, and even encourage us to find compassion and generosity toward others. Here are 7 blogs that express the power and practice of gratitude.

  1. This blog focuses on beginning your own gratitude practice. At its core is the idea that we must ‘be grateful for small mercies’. The acts themselves, committing to doing it, reflecting on it, sitting down and writing even just one thought on what it is you are grateful for, is beneficial in shifting our mind set.

  1. Gratitude is good for the heart! This blog shows evidence based results of people who are patients of heart disease. They were asked to write down what they are grateful for and discovered that inflammation was greatly decreased while heart rhythm improved. Acknowledging the presence of gratitude in our lives help us manage and cope with illness and mental stress, improving our overall health.
  1. Henrik Edberg writes a wonderfully simple blog on how to feel lighter on a daily basis. Concentrate on the small things that you are grateful for (your lunch, your plant, a helpful stranger, or the fact that you have gas in your car, for instance) and you will see that your life is actually more about opening up to the simple beauty in life. With this approach, ‘larger’ problems will not seem too much to overcome.
  1. This blog centers on how to become a master of gratitude. It is not about waiting for a positive act to happen to you and the
  1. Getting ‘unstuck’ is exactly what this blog helps one achieve. The points are laid out well and easy to follow. With great tips and insight into specific steps one can take to discover gratitude, we can begin to see its life altering effects. Paying genuine compliments, feeling humility, switching a negative trait to a positive one and asking what one can learn from a bad experience are all positive coping skills worth practicing,
  1. Aval ethi’s blog specifically concentrates on how to express gratitude toward others. This is a very important practice as it enhances your relationships, teaches you to be more detailed in your observations and listen more intently to others. In turn you will genuinely feel grateful toward them and vice versa.
  1. This blog is from TED, it’s a round up list of what to read and watch that will guide one through the subject of gratitude. From the health benefits of gratitude, to the difference between being thankful and grateful, this article shows us many perspectives on this topic. One interesting take away is that fear and joy are inextricably linked with our ability to be vulnerable, and subsequently, our vulnerability is linked to our ability to be grateful. It takes courage to be imperfect and it takes embracing one’s vulnerability. A connection will come as a result of living in this authenticity.

With our Thanksgiving holiday approaching, the insight that practicing gratitude can deliver is felt by many who enjoy time with those they appreciate. Gratitude is much deeper than being a giver or a receiver of gifts and compliments, it’s about an awareness and acceptance of our world, how it flows, how it changes, and being grateful for our belonging in it.


  1. Excellent ! Why are the most basic things always the easiest to forget .. Thank you for the great post

  2. The Darren Hardy way of maintaining gratitude is something new for me. Thanks for sharing!

  3. There is something to be grateful for if only we look beyond what we lack. I enjoyed reading the post!

  4. I’m thankful for life and people who make life worth living. I came through surgery 3 weeks ago and grateful for the each person: doctors, nurses, staff, family, friends, and strangers who showed love support and kindness. I’m still on the journey to recovery but know that I have so much to live for and purpose to pass the love to others along the way.