Isn’t It Time We Stopped Calling People Health Nuts?

Isn’t It Time We Stopped Calling People Health Nuts?

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Two words: health nut.

The phrase has a bit of a negative ring to it, doesn’t it? That’s because it’s meant to.

Many people are doing their best to be healthier these days. And that should be a positive thing, right? Well, the pessimists and naysayers disagree. To them, it is a bad thing to be healthy. Terms like “healthy-eating disorder” and “health nut” have been coined, referring to people who actually want to take care of themselves and live longer. What a concept.

Our mainstream society shoves fast-food ads in our faces. It is harder to eat healthier, and easier to pop open a bag of chips.

Society wants us to remain where we are — unhealthy, fat and feeling awful. This is mostly about money, and it’s killing us.

But now it has gone so far as to call people who do their best to be healthy mentally ill. These people have become health nuts — in other words, crazy. As if there is something wrong with a person wanting to feel good and live a productive life.

Pharmaceutical companies and psychiatrists continue to tell us that we need their drugs and services. However, most of us really don’t. And calling someone mentally ill or crazy because they eat fruits and veggies and no sugar or caffeine is just plain false — and wrong.

It’s Time to Stop Using the Term

If you really think about the term “health nut,” you’ll realize it’s derogatory. It’s used to put down people who are trying to better themselves in a society that just wants to be rich — at the expense of other people’s health.

The time has come to change this. People who eat healthier shouldn’t be called anything. We’re all trying to get by in this world, and putting a judgmental term like that on someone doesn’t help anyone. It definitely doesn’t make the world a better place, which is what many of us in modern society are trying to do.

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Don’t Listen to the Negativity

We “health nuts” have made the choice to be healthy. And we have to live among others who may choose not to be as healthy — and that’s fine. We still have to coexist. Agreeing to disagree can be healthy in itself. Different strokes for different folks, right?

When we have a conversation with someone about our choice to be healthy, it’s okay if the other person thinks that we are crazy or a nut. When someone criticizes you for having made the choice to better yourself, that has nothing to do with you. It’s important to feel confident in your choice to be healthy. Ignore the negativity from others. They don’t know your struggle and you don’t know theirs.

Do What’s Best for You

Each of us has reasons for the things we do and the way we live. Perhaps you have been diagnosed with cancer and you’re taking a holistic approach to beating it. Maybe you simply want to feel better. It could be that you’re finally at a place in your life where you’re over the extra weight you’ve been carrying around.

Some people don’t feel the need to eat the way you do, and that’s okay. Just keep doing what’s best for you, and everything will fall into place. It’s worth the shot of being a “crazy,” “nutty,” healthy person if you want to live your best life.

We are all doing our best. Keep on keeping on, and ignore the non-healthy folks who refuse to grow. You owe it to yourself as a human being to do what’s best for you.

Maybe someday we will eradicate the phrase “health nut” and become a society in which having healthy eating habits is the norm. Until then, let’s continue to be nutty.

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