5 Simple Steps To Get You Concentrating Better at Your Tasks

5 Simple Steps To Get You Concentrating Better at Your Tasks

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Let’s face it – we have all had problems with concentration before whether at work, school or even at play. It sounds almost banal to say that better concentration and focus helps make life more stress-free but it is true. When you’re more focused, you get more done in a shorter amount of time; you work more productively and efficiently. The good news is that you do not have to be an expert or a personal development coach to improve your concentration; in fact there are plenty of simple, free and readily available ‘tools’ you can use to raise your concentration levels.

The next time you find yourself losing focus during work or during any tasks that you are doing, you can try doing any of these 5 things:

  1. Breathe.

We all need to breathe. And we do it so unconsciously that most of us do not actually pay attention to the breath. Taking a breather is a simple way to restart your concentration. Take a break for three minutes and just close your eyes and breathe deeply. In-out, in-out. Just 3 minutes – surely you can afford that?

Slowly notice your body being slightly more relaxed and the tension ease away. This will effectively help you get your focus back.

I love this quote from mindfulness expert Jon Kabat-Zinn that goes something to the effect that “pay attention and be aware of your breath like your life depended on it” (because it really does!)

  1. Remove distractions.

Get rid of all the distractions around you as much as you can. All the noise, eyesores and other things that may distract you from what you are doing should be removed. This also includes mobile devices such as tablets, mobile phones and other digital devices that cause distraction.

One practical tip: when you need to focus, keep your phone tucked away in the other room or in a closed drawer. Psychologically, it helps keep your distractions literally out of sight.

  1. Take one step at a time.

Everything takes time so don’t rush. Especially when we are talking about building a skill such as cultivating concentration. Avoid multitasking and stick to one, at most two, task at the same time. Multiple studies have some multi-tasking has a deleterious effect on the quality of our work. Why do we want to risk the quality of what we produce?

We don’t need more distractions in our lives (we are distracted as it is), we need more focus.

  1. Declutter.

Very few people can work in a messy and unorganized environment and decluttering certainly helps. Don’t get scared off by ‘decluttering’ and think that it involves lots of work – that is a myth! It can be as simple as rearranging your books to make it neater or just doing some basic cleaning over the table. This way, you are not only clearing (and clearing) your office space but also your mind.

  1. Check your environment.

Finally, on a more practical level, take a step back and check your surroundings. Do you have enough space to work on your task? Do you have ample lighting and ventilation? Is the room too hot or too cold? If you feel like your environment is distracting you from your work, then adjust according to your preference. Make sure you have enough lighting, ventilation and space for you to finish your work. An ideal condition naturally breeds better concentration and productivity.

  1. Reward yourself.

Whenever you’re done with a task or reached a goal, do not forget to treat yourself to a small reward. It can be something as simple as having an ice-cream or giving yourself an extra 2 hours sleep over the weekends. When you do this consistently, you’re reinforcing the feedback loop and strengthening (both consciously and unconsciously) your concentration – productivity link.


  1. Love this post..No-one can tell these points as good as you..I am truly satisfied with all the points….I will definitely work on it..thanks for providing this..

  2. Hi. Thanks for sharing such inspirational writing. I am enlightened especially by your quote that we can get “more done in a day than most get done in a week” with proper focus. Thanks! 🙂

  3. I actually managed 3 key things in the week actually in 2 days, then backtracked, realized I hadn’t screwed up but identified an error I had made in my enthusiasm to get moving.

    Great article, thats my thing getting over doubting myself, then however knowing when my concerns are founded when doing something new that’s the biggest thing.

  4. The morning rituals is what I call them. I like you, love to get my writing done in the morning. Three 45 minute sessions. Nothing else but focus. I have been doing this for months now. Not only do I enjoy it, I get heaps done. There is no pressure but to do what is in front of me. However before I start at the moment I have been doing the sneaky look at my emails. As I was reading this post I was thinking – right you are cutting that out completely.

    You have just rearranged my schedule a little – because tomorrow I am going to focus on the couple of things that give me angst and really nail them until I am comfortable with them. I have been putting them off and they are a vital part of a new routine. Thanks for this wonderful post.


  5. if you do it in your work habit! you may be a lazy thing!! what if you wait a email of your client! you can do nothing just waiting!! LAZY multitasking is not bad if you can handle one or two task or more you be a genius!! but if you do one task at a time goodluck!! hahaha